The Tiranga


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The Triranga.

When the whole country is celebrating azadi ka Amrit mahotsav with “har ghar triranga,” most of the people don’t know the man, who created it.
He was Pingali Venkaya.Born in 2
August 1876,in a village near Machhalipattam Andhra Pradesh, he rose to fame as a multi talented person as an agriculturist, geologist,linguist and a writer.
In 1913 he he surprised the audience with a long speech in Japanese language. He was named muslin Japanese Venkaya. He had studied Urdu and Japanese in Lahore’s Anglovedic university. He worked as an advisor to diamond mines and was named as Diamond Venkaya. He also became Cotton Venkaya after he produced a high breed cotton seed.
For sometime he joined the British Indian Army and took part in the South Africa Buor war. At that time they were saluting the British national flag.His patriotism triggered him to think of making a flag for his own country which will bind the people together as a nation.
He started his mission for designing a flag since 1916 to 1921.He kept on the research of designs of the flag. He wrote a book ” A National Flag for India”.His efforts got support from eminent persons of India, including Mahatma Gandhi.
Finally his design of three colours, saffron, white and green with the Ashok chakra in the center was approved on 22 July 1947.

It was the priceless gift which he gave to his beloved country.

PS the datas are collected from the news paper The Samaj

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