yvlpI am Prabhu Mohapatra.

How many times I have asked my mom why she selected this name for me. Every time she used  to smile and said, “why, what’s wrong with  it ? Prabhu means God. It’s nice to call you by this name. ”

I grumbled again and again, “not only me. You have also named my sisters Gita and Gayatri. Such old fashioned names !”

“That’s  because these are meaningful names,”her reply was with no regret.

Sometimes I feel awkward understanding my mother.She is highly educated and smart. She is very practical and up-to-date too. Father adores her for these qualities and surprisengly my both sisters, now two full fledged doctors, consult her each time they face any problem or difficulty.I have never done that.

Once when all of us were at home I had asked them the reason  why they call mom  for their problems.

“Don’t  you both have confidence in yourselves ? Why you bother mother always  ?”

Gayatri the eldest said, you idiot, you don’t know the power of a mother. Mother has solution for everything. “Gita then intervened, “most important is that she prays for us. ”

“Do you both believe in prayer, good wish and all these nonsense being students  of science. Rubbish, ” I got irritated. Both of them smiled as mom always do.

“Prabhu, one day you will realize what is rubbish and what  is truth. Stop being sceptical on everything ,” said Gita.

We all left for our work places. Whenever I left parents and go to Germany, I felt a pang on my heart. Same is the case with my sisters too. . Parents are ageing. Although many people  are employed to look after them, yet their own children are absent to give emotional support to them.

Time went  as usual. We were in calls with parents everyday. Thanks to modern communication  technologies Before our next get together, the horrible news of father getting a massive stroke reached us. The sad face of my mother flashed before my teary eyes.

My sisters along with  their doctor  spouses reached the hospital where mother had admitted him. I managed to reach the next day.By that time my brothers in law have arranged the famous  neurologist and neurosergeon to attend to father.

The CT scan showed the tsunami  of blood over the brain thereby numbing all the organs. The neurosergeon told that there was only 5 percent chance of success. Mother calmly said,”doctor don’t think about the result. I know  you will do your best.”

The operation finished and father was shifted to the ICU. He was in coma. The ventilator, monitor and the patient. Ma stayed there. She was holding bapas hand all the time. Her calm and confidence baffled all in the hospital.

“Doctor see how fresh he is looking.Can ever a dying man look like That?  He is in deep but arousable sleep. I am sure he will wake up by  the morning. ”

That night was horrible for me Gayatri and Gita. Fathers cousins arrived in midnight  and consoled us a lot.

Early morning the nurses ran to the doctor.Movements found in the patient. Doctors rushed to the ICU. Ma was sitting with holding Bapa’s palm. This time we saw tears flowing from her eyes. She had not cried since father had that stroke. Ray of hope at last. We siblings hugging each other were feeling exhilarating joy.

Outside  I heard the doctors discussing with Gayatri, Gita and my brothers  in law. The neurologist said, “it’s  a miracle. Unbelievable. It’s the faith of his wife which has brought the wonder. Wholenight she was praying.









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