Sabarmati Ke Santh.


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Yes he did arrive on 15 August 2022, our Independence Day. Our beloved Bapu’s astral body hovered over Delhi.  He saw the National flag on each house top. Ah, my people are loving their mother land, their own country. Their elected Prime Minister is coming to address from the Lal Qila and so many people have come to listen to him. Delhi has become very big, and nice thing is, it has become neat and clean of garbage.

Over Ahmadabad, he heard his favourite “vaishnaba Jana to” from Sabarmati Ashram. He saw men and women were not singing, but it is coming from a reorder. People are at library, at the prayer hall, on the ashram ground but looking at a blue lighted device at their palms. Technology advancement. Alas, my swadeshi andolan!

Let me go to the south.

How big cities! Oh cars and cars. Nobody is cycling. But clean the places are. I don’t see anyone answering nature calls in the open. Happy to see it.

The heart of my India lies in the villages. In each village he observed cleanliness and a panchayat office. Ah Swaraj!But why every pradhan of panhayat travelling in big cars and the youth riding motorbikes ? I used to walk or cycle.

Time has changed but everything is honky dory. Jammu Kashmir is fully integrated with India. Lord Ram has got his place where he was born. Muslim brothers have got enough land for their worship place. No communal riots are there. Also  Harijans are now called Dalit and they are  well educated. But  why children are not taught in their mother language. They are going to fancy schools. Coaching centres are mushrooming everywhere. No teaching at schools and colleges?

Bapu took a sigh. “I have to return.”

Let’s wait for his opinion next year.






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