What the mongoose thinks



What the mongoose thinks.

Aah, how nice is the lawn! Lush green, cool and so large!
The house owner is a good Samaritan. Look how much area he has given to us. We animals and birds are playing around and enjoying our lives.
The house owner seems a thorough gentleman. His house is not very big. But it’s very cosy. I have gone many times inside it. He has always given sweets and sandwiches to me. Ohoo they they are so tasty!
Many of us have made burrows inside his vast garden.
Before he came to settle here, there were only a house keeper and a gardener here. At regular intervals he was visiting the house with his lovely wife and two sons. Now that he has retired, he is staying with his wife since four years and we are all happy.

The garden is full of various fruit trees like mango, jackfruit, guava, lemon and many more. The kitchen garden too has pumpkins, eggplants, lady finger and tomato .There is no dearth of food for us. Besides there are roddents, reptiles, frogs, insects and worms. We are all well fed and healthy.
In the morning the master enjoyes his tea on the lawn. He watches me and my children.The biscuits he gives are favourites of us all.
The lady too is very nice. She reads books sitting on her rocking chair. We go near her to eat the dry fruits. At that time she takes my photo on her phone. She had asked her garden to wet the area near our buorrow on hot summer days. So kind of her.
May God bless the nice family.

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