Mantras for a happy family


Wednesday thought

Some mantras for a happy family.

For being happy, you don’t need happy genes, win a lottery or become a monk. You only need to practice some habits that will make and keep you happy.

Self love comes first. If you love yourself abundantly, love flows. It may sound strange and selfish. But it works. When you love yourself you get energy and it gets transmitted to your children, spouse, family, friends and all that matter to you. As a parent and specially as a mother, there are several times when you think you are hopeless and no good. Turn down that critic in you. Choose to be your best cheerleader. It builds high level of self esteem and positive image not only for yourself but for the children and husband.

Second important factor is you have to leave the practice of comparing husband and children with others. All of us humans are apt in the habit of giving examples. Sarita’s husband always helps her in domestic chores and here you only order me. To son, Mohanty’s child gets 98 percent and here yours is 60.This type of comparison leads for damaging
whatever good was there. Even you should never compare siblings. Each one has its own capability. To accept one as what he/ she is gives better results and thereby leading to happiness. Celebrate what you have. Expecting more leads to unhappiness.

Investing in social capital is far better than any materialistic investment. Giving time to family results in deep and meaningful relationship in your life. It gives longer lasting happiness.

In this time of pandemic, when the whole family is inside the house, there is ample time to follow all these. Wear a smile and get going.

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