The Tricologist


Wednesday thought

Hair care with a doctor,the Trichologist.

Since ancient time people have always been overzealous where their hair is concerned.A beautiful mane can be one’s crowning glory.It enhances one’s facial feature and personality.Who here loves a receding hairline?

It is believed Indian women have the most gorgeous hair in the world.They have healthy,thick,shining,smooth,long and black hair.

Since childhood girls in India are introduced to the wonderful benefits of coconut oil by grand mothers and mothers. They do champi(massage) every week to make hair grow long, and thick. This age old remedy truly works because coconut oil contains vitamin E ,that deeply condition hair and seal split ends,while champi improve blood circulation and stimulates hair growth.

Coming to present days,it is found ,premature hair loss is common.It is due to stress,pollution and unhealthy diet.Therefore there is growing need of a hair doctor.Thank God,last Friday I found on Bhubaneswar Times, that a renowned trichologist was visiting our city.

As there are specialists to take care of every part of our bodies ,now the trichologist can take care of our tresses.People developing baldness have the solace of a cure.Good thing is there is a solution to every problem.So friends relax and have a good day.

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