Malati’s corn stand


Malati’s corn stall.

It was 1st January and I was at Puri with family.After lunch we went for a ride inside the city.Around 3pm we stopped near swargdwar to enjoy the beach.I didn’t have the mood to walk on the sand.So I decided to sit on the wall surrounding the beach.The wall top was tiled and very neat and clean.I chose the place close to a corn stall run by a young woman.Her shop was small but clean.Corns were steamed on a big covered pot. She was selling each corn for 20 rupees..People were purchasing the corns, brushed with lemon,salt and chilli.I enjoyed watching the crowd and the continuous sell of bhutta, called makka in Odia.The young lady was managing the costomers very nicely.

By the time , the seller woman was giving me side glances.I was watching her trait with much pleasure.” Didi, should I prepare one for you?,she asked shyly.”
“Why not”.
She took out one corn from the boiling water.She put the lemon,salt and chilli.It tasted heavenly. I became nostalgic.I was visiting the beach every summer while in school with my loving grandpa.

“What is your name?
“Malati, she told.
“Can I take a photo of your shop?
“Yes didi”.She was visibly happy and I was proud of her as she sustained the family with her corn sale while her husband is out of job, the corona menace !

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