Wedding cost in India


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Wedding cost in India

After makar sankranti the wedding season has arrived.As people are interested with latest fashion and style,let’s agree that wedding cost in India is sky rocketing.

Almost all the weddings fall in say three groups.The big fat Indian wedding requires a good venue,photographers and videographers,tent house for decoration,costly designer dresses for bride and groom,make up artists and rich cuisine.

Middle scale wedding follows the same pattern but in a lower cost.

Budget wedding takes place ,Where there is constraint of money and in most cases it is done with loans from friends and bank.

Marriage is the most beautiful thing in our country,and marriage has always been one of the most expensive events in any one’s life.

Marriage is an important social institution .Parents have many dreams for the wedding of their offsprings.So they do it according to their personal choice,never minding the expences. To be frank there is no fixed cost for a typical Indian wedding.In most cases it exceeds the budget made by you.

The wedding industry is burgeoning in the country.Planning for your child’s marriage is an absolute necessity.

The most cost effective,the most ideal thing is to get married in a court.Take your parents and closest people to a nice hotel and get it done with.

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