Empty nest syndrome


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Empty nest syndrome

Th song “chal udja re panchi”,yes parents feel this when their children leave home for the first time,to live on their own such as to attend college,university or to join job.

Parents encourage children to become independent,but the time of letting go is painful.Parents love one thing,their children should read well and settle in high positions.But the time they leave,They think it would have been better if they were average students.They would at least stayed close.

Among the empty nesters it’s the full time mother’s who find it most difficult to cope with the loneliness.They try to divert by watching TV programmes,in household chores.But they know they can’t talk to kids whenever they want to.

Thanks to telecommunication,as it is easier these days to contact children staying far away.

It is aptly said ,there is always a solution to every problem.This empty house feelings can be dealt with various ways.

The best way to avoid loneliness,is to join in charity organisations.You spend quality time with friends there.Morning walk with friends is a refreshing activity.Going to libraries and reading there updates the mind.Making writing your hobby ,keeps one engaged.Maintaning a garden has its own charm.

To get physical security,it is mandatory to resister with the police cell meant for senior citizens. Empty nesters should let out a portion of their homes,so that there’s at least someone to talk to.Selling off the house and moving to an apartment can solve the problem in a better way.

Challenges come in life and lolniless is a big challenge for the city empty nesters.

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