Political Leader.


It was a Sunday. Both Saurav and Swati were having morning tea in the balcony.

Going through the newspaper, Saurav was ruminating. “Hey, what are you thinking?Your tea is getting  cold.”

“Swati, what do you say about a political leader who, instead of conventional strategies, initiates a grassroots movement to directly involve citizens in decision making ?”

“That should be the proper thing”, replied his Software engineer wife.

Encouraged he said, “Imagine this leader travels extensively, engaging with diverse communities and leverages technology to create a new transparent governance system? ”

“Uum, perfect,” she nodded in approval .”But why all of a sudden this idea? Oho,the election is looming. Are you thinking yourself to be that leader Saurav? Yes yes, one thing I must admit, you are a darling in your city . Localites love you.Like other IITians, you never opted for lucrative job in a foreign country. You joined the teaching job in the IIT in your own city. You stayed here to look after your mother, married me, a local girl. Parents here give their sons your example. Actually we need some change in our lives and as well as in the society. Something off -beat is always  exciting. But your mom, I am doubtful, if she would like you to become a leader. Go and ask her. She would surely blurt out “the blood of raajniti is there in you too like your grand father. Your grand dad had been in jail several times following Gandhiji for the freedom fight.He had gone through many hardships.And now you want to tread the same path. ”

She giggled mimicking her mom in law.

“But why can’t you see dear lady , he along with other fighters had been victorious, and their intentions for the country and it’s people were humanitarian . They sincerely strived to bridge the gaps, promote dialogue and redefined the relationship between leaders and the people. Not like the present day leaders. ”

When the IIT assistant professor son talked about his intentions to his mother ,surprisingly she gave a positive nod . “How happy would be your ancestors Shubhu.The country really needs young and educated leaders. You have all the good qualities one leader should possess. You are basically a good man.A man of integrity.”

Sourav was over the moon. Those words from his ma,made his day.He had apprehansion earlier.  After the sudden demise of his father, he had been her sole world, would she agree,me leaving a secure job with a good package?_

But that was not to be.

With the blessings from his mother and the cooperation of his wife , emerged a new leader, named Saurav Dash.

Unconventional in approach, Saurav chose not the chosen path of political rhetoric but embarked on a journey that consisted of digital platforms and town hall meetings. Community driven projects, panchayats as described by Gandhiji where people  can express their ideas and concerns were held.He brought many development in roads, electricity and water supply systems in many areas in the city by his simple and effective suggestions which the authorities complied with. For any inconvenience, men ran to him. He became a problem solver.

Initially his wife gave him the support. Overtime his extended family and his known people and his students became an integral part of his support  system. His grassroots movement gained momentum resonating with a diverse range of voters who yearned for a change.

One day his mother said, “you have gained tremendous popularity.The people really love you, but how can you get a ticket for the election?Parties here, please the voters with freebies and they are all against your ideology.  Where from you get the money Subhu? ”

“Don’t worry ma, those who believe in my ideology, they will come forward. To avoid special interest I am avoiding big donors. My fund is collected in a unique way,fuelled by small donations from wide erray of supporters who believe in my vision of inclusive governance. I will fight as an independent candidate ma.”

In the mean time, Swati leveraged the social media and the youth managed grassroots, managing to connect with individuals who shared his passion for change.

By going beyond the obvious political maneuvers, such as distributing currency notes and frequent treats with muutton curry to the voters in bustees, the new rising team of Saurav focused on their essential needs like education of the bustee children and their health care and sanitation.

Within a short period their activities were highlighted in news papers and in the  social media. Swati’s efforts didn’t go in vain. Saurav became the talk of the city. Surpringly his grassroots movement gained good momentum.New method and their strategy worked with  the people.

The election was drawing near. The political parties were busy in their campaigns,but somewhere within them a fear gnawed for a new contestant for his unique method of  doing things to win over the hearts of the mass. Those who were fed up with the usual strategis going on in elections since a long time and wanted some newness, they were really wishing in their heart of hearts for the victory of Saurav.

Finally the important day arrived.

That day was marked by a significant voter turnout. Saurav was calm as always, but his  followers and his mother and wife, all were praying for his win.

On the vote counting day, everyone remained tense till the announcement of the result. As expected, Saurav won with a significant margin. The team was overjoyed.

Saurabh Dash became a member of parliament. As an independent candidate he contributed to legislative  process by proposing bills, participated in debates and representing the interests of his constituency.He built good relationship with other MPs. It helped in influencing decisions and getting support for his initiatives. He became the voice of his people.

One elderly member of the ruling party,  once remarked,  “this young man has something special in him.And that makes him a great political leader.”



Bustee–slum area


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