Atma Swarajya. A thought on Republic day.

Political independence is necessary to fulfill our physical, psychological and Self needs to express latent abilities in establishing order in country and world at large. This is indeed a noble and huse task, but human life will not be complete without fulfilling one’s higher spiritual aspirations.

Swami Shivanand said  that India is a spiritual country  and our motherland wanted her children to have Atma swarajya. Absolute Independence is cultivation of virtues, and  inner spiritual strength emanating from wisdom of soul. Gandhiji personified it in recent times.

Thinking in terms of sadachar, a way of our culture, we can achieve many things. The spiritual knowledge and dynamic religious living explained in Bhagwat Gita can help us make all schemes and programmes in a valuable way in day to day lives. Maharshi Aurobindo also held, spirituality was foundation to attain individual  and societal perfection.

Every individual is Devine in essence characterised by Sat-Chit-Anand, absolute existence -consciousness -bliss. We all are not aware of  our true selves due to ignorance. This leads to miseries. Real freedom is freedom from I and Me and all imperfections associated, such as egoism, selfish  desires and cravings.

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