Amit and Alok, once inseparable friends drifted apart after college.For doing their post graduation, life took them to different places leading to years of silence.A chance encounter reunited them on attending the same alumni event at Bhubaneswar. Surprised gasps escaped as their eyes locked, followed by  the wide smiles that bridged the years of separation. Excitement and nostalgia filled the air as they embraced .

“Where have you been all these years,” asked Alok.

“At London. ” After completing my PG at Chandigarh,  I went to London. You are lucky enough to continue in a Medical College in our own state and serve our own people  here . ”

Over cups of tea, both of them reminisced about their  college memories. Alok guffawed and asked, “do you remember Amit, when you were given the nickname Yogananda? ”

Amit smiled, “yes in our second year in Medical College. You all were asking solutions to your problems and I was always ready to give advice. ”

“Because you were the wisest among us no doubt, haha.  By the way, when did you come to Bhubaneswar? ”

“Two years ago, the sudden death of father ,and I came here with my family .After father’s last rites, we stayed for a month to settle hings. Then after a month, we took mother along with  us to London . The visa  was for six months only. I tried my best for her permanent visa and failed to get at that time. Ma returned home and stayed  here. I knew pretty well Ma was not interested to settle in a foreign  land. She wanted that I should come back to look after things here  as father was no more. Though the servants and the caretaker were good,  I felt miserable for  Ma staying alone. So I decided to come back and thank God my wife had no objections to it. Here I have joined the Utkal Hospital  since three months. I have heard about you and was wondering how to contact you. I am so happy for you as you have become the most renowned ophthalmologist here.”

Now that the buddies are at the same city, their old-time friendship restarted with frequently meeting each other. Family outings and dinners continued on Sundays. In one such occasion Amit pointed out , ” look, our city has undergone a remarkable transformation, experiencing improvement across various aspects, but unfortunately it’s common these days in the city that old parents are living  without their own kith and kin. I think it’s a serious matter. Ensuring they have a support system and regular check-ins can be important for their well-being. ”

“Yes I agree with you.It’s  mostly found with the moneyed old generation.My dear problem solver,you can only find the solution for it . ”

“Let’s start a meaningful project of  homes which provide safe and comfortable environment for  the elderly, where they can live with dignity and respect. ”

“Wah,what an idea! I’m so happy Amit, you still have kept the Yogananda alive in you. ”



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