Self discipline


Wednesday thought

Self discipline.

Self discipline is the ability to control and motivate your mind .It gives the power to stay on track and do what is right.
Self discipline is not an innate characteristic. It is a learned skill.It is seen many people dont know how to increase it by themselves.Through intentional and dedicated practice it can be improvised.An example is you make sure,you get up one hour earlier to do physical exercise like walking, jogging,yoga or visiting the gym, you will be able to do it.

First thing is,one should know his weaknesses.We all have weaknesses.We let impulse or feelings dictate our choices.We should try our best to cultivate self control.

First let us take up our food weakness.Who doesnt want samosas,potato chips and chocolate cakes?So take them when you wish but in moderation.

Again come to technology.All love to be busy on facebook, what’s App and game app’s.Put aside sometime for it and don’t be addicted to it.It hampers studies in students , people having jobs and it creates trouble inside a family.

You must practice the art of self discipline if you want to achieve any success in life.

One must know his weaknesses,remove temptations, set clear goals and have an execution plan and create new simple habits.
Simplicity helps a lot.

In spite of self control if you stumble, acknowledge what it caused and move on.Don’t get yourself wrapped up in guilt, anger or frustration, because these emotions will only drag you further down and impede future frustrations.Learn from your missteps and forgive yourself,then get your head back in the game and refocus your goals.

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