It was the retirement day of Meera Mishra IPS. A grand farewell party was there in the city’s
Police headquarters. She had served the state brilliantly, never unsavory or infamous and stayed uncontroversial throughout her career. She rose to the post of DGP and was retiring that day.

When she arrived home from the party,she felt relieved. 34 years of police job was quite nerve racking. From that day onwards she could manage her home, husband and children in a relaxed way properly.

Whatever nice position a woman may reach, but she gets the peace inside the security of the home.

Meera’s tween daughters had already been settled. Now as she had retired, she could concentrate on finding a good girl for her 29 year old son Pratap. After completing MBA, he had been working in a multinational company at Singapore. She cunsulted some match makers and went through the matrimonial sites. It took her almost 9 months to find the eligible bride.

The boy and the girl remained in contact for 3 months.After that they gave the green signal. Both Meera and her advocate husband were very happy about their consent.

The wedding went on nicely and after one month the newly wed couples left for Singapore. Meera by the time had managed to speak to the bohu about how both her husband and she wanted a grandchild soon. “Sonali you know we have one son only.When a descendant arrives, it’s like getting everything. ”

Two years had already  gone, but Meera was waiting to hear the news of the pregnancy of her daughter -in-law.

One day she called her son and blabbed about her anxiety. “Mom, it’s only two years. Why a child so soon? ”

Meera was always in the habit of getting things done on her own way. That stubbornness she had.

When Pratap and Sonali visited home during Durga puja, she took Sonali to the best gynecologist in the city for a check up.The girl felt very offended. The doctor said there was nothing wrong with the girl to get concieved, and hearing this Meera’s face got red.Was it anger or apprehension .

Mothers can’t tolerate anything wrong with their own child.

Pratap could see the hurt in his wife. But he couldn’t  muster the courage to say a word to his mother. He left for Singapore with his wife the following day.

After 8 months, Pratap called his mother to give the news of one month pregnancy of Sonali.

Meera’s joys knew  no bound. “Send her here. Her delivery would be in our place. ”

“No mom, Singapore has the best maternity care. You can come here at the time of child birth”,and he ended the call.

At Singapore Meera was holding the grandson. “Ah, how heavenly it feels to hold the future in hand.”

“But mom, your son didn’t father the baby. It’s a donor, and it was your son’s decision , not mine”,Sonali smirked in triumph.

The once upon a time powerful police officer gulped the poisonous humiliation silently.







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