Super was she, super she is

and will remain super forever. 

She gives birth,forgets sleep

to nurture her treasure. 

As a daughter, as a sister

in the family, she spread the laughter. 

With a smile she took the burdens

of being a wife and mother. 

Strong in mind,soft at heart

she binds the family together.

The most beautiful creation of God,

Her grace, dignity and integrity

lights each corner. 

A born fighter,

how many times she turns a Durga

to get the rights of her. 

What would have been the world

without her,

as her presence is required 

in each nook and corner. 

Rich may be she

may be she poor

she is always there as a soother. 

The home is not her only domain

She has gone far beyond. 

Has invaded,space,army,

hospital, office and what not? 

Salutation to her womanhood,

She is simply SUPER.


  1. Beautiful poem, maโ€™am. Love the lines โ€˜… her presence required in each nook and corner.โ€™๐Ÿ’š

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