My love diary



You and me and our love life

I have noted in a diary. 

I have kept it hidden

under my costly clothes

beyond anyone’s reach, 

as it is exclusively mine. 

I don’t like anyone, even you,

to see and read my heartfelt feelings. 

The day our eyes met

the ecstasy and the sensetion


I knew you were made for me. 

The nuptial night, 

the tour to Europe 

the sweet talks and your care

were sheer delight for me. 

I have noted all of it my darling

the lovely moments of our life. 


  1. Yes never bare the heart to anyone, we become most vulnerable then, I guess. I guess we used to write the details of blushing love then and hide it in depths of almirahs. What a pleasure it is to be reminded of those moments through your poem.

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