Perpetual  winter


She looked frozen. 

Yet it was not winter. 

Then what was the reason? 

The little sweet girl, she was only six. 

Her parents died and she was in a fix. 

An aunt took her care, the uncle was a rogue. 

He abused and molested her several times.

But the scared one kept herself mum. 

Whom to share with? 

Who was there to listen to her? 

She shivered with fear all the time. 

Whether it was summer, rain or winter. 

Never had she the shower of love. 

Her body, mind and soul felt cold forever. 


She grew up to a beautiful maiden. 

But trembled at the footstep of a man. 

Her psyche changed to fear. 

Never believed  a man to be her dear. 

The doomed one never experienced  spring or summer. 

What she had was only winter. 

She lived on losing faith in all. 

Feeling numb and cold every time. 

An orphan as she was, no warmth of love she got. 

Having a wretched life, she dragged on. 

Was she destined to live in perpetual winter? 


Photo By: Cassidy Kelley


  1. Mam… This is a very beautiful poem.. The pain that the girl goes through must be the pain that so many other girls go through too.

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