My wish.






I wish very much that

Urban children avoid playing games on gadgets

They should go to play outside the house

It is the need of the hour

They should connect with  Nature and friends.


And I wish very much that

Builders should stop building  houses

On ponds and river beds,because  water is life, we need it

They must not destroy the echo balance for money

As sufferers will be many.


I wish very much that

Our forests should  be taken care of

The on going felling of trees for building

factories and houses be stopped

Where will the animals go?


The huge Bargad and peepul trees

Are rare to be found anywhere

We want oxygen and fresh air

To avoid polluted air why should we put masks

So I wish very much the huge trees everywhere.


Since aeon Mother Earth has been sustaining us

It’s our prime duty is  to treat her fair

Planting trees in large scale our gratitude can be shared

I wish earnestly  and my appeal to my fellowmen

It’s never too late, let’s start  planting  and save  the Earth.


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