Gandhi jayanti.


Gandhi Jayanti.

Gandhiji was born on October 2,1869 in Porebunder Gujarat. He studied law for 3 years in London. After that he spent his early years as a legal consultant in South Africa. His stay there proved to be very influential on his political thought, as he witnessed the stark inequalities engrained in South African society.

Upon return to British-controlled India in January 1915, he had acquired the skills both of an accompliced lawyer and a community organizer dedicated to peaceful protest.

His large body of written work sought to bring about changes on the macro and micro levels in society, such as, harmony between India’s Hindus and Muslims and the participation of Indian women in social and political fronts.

His most outstanding ways to fight the British not with guns or bombs, but with massive peaceful demonstration and long fast.

His source of strength Was The Bhagbat Gita ‘song celestial’. He took hold of the central theme of the sacred scripture, ‘anasakti’, meaning non-attachment. It refers in essence, to live one’s life free from obsessive or selfish attachments to the results of one’s action. This ultimately leads to non-violence, love, justice and equality.

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