The Guava Episode

Grandfather was ill. So parents had to go to Puri. They left me at Kaka’s house to attend classes. His 3 children and I were in the same school,So we two sisters and 2 brothers, the cousin concept was absent in those days.

There was a guava tree in the compound. It had many branches. Lower branches were within our reach.. We were devouring on the tasty guavas on leisure.

It was a Saturday. The two elders,aged thirteen and eleven were on higher grades. I was ten and the cute, fair, healthy and sturdy Gullu was eight. The elders had full day class, me and Gullu had half day. We both returned at lunch time from school. After the meals Gullu went out to play with other boys.

Kaki was resting in her room and Kaka was at office. I felt lonely. So I went to the veranda to read the new edition of the Chandamama. I was waiting for my little brother to return. At that time my eyes fell on a big ripe guava on the tree. The fruit was shining in the afternoon sun. I plucked it and started eating,” oh very tasty, not so hard or too soft.”

Gullu entered the house, opening the gate. He went straight to the tree” where is my guava, which I have marked ?” he shouted. I said with a smile “I have just finished it Gullu”. He came and gave me a hard blow on my back. I fell down on my knees, screaming maaaaaa. Kaki ran to the spot. She found me crying on the floor and Gullu was trembling with his anger. “”Did you hit her”?” Yes, she ate my guava. “What ? Guava”? You rogue, you rascal.” I only heard the sound of blows and slaps on Gullu by Kaki. Then she helped me to get up and hugged me. She opened the zip of my frock to see the damage. She saw the red patch. There were tears in her eyes. Again she started slapping Gullu “see what you have done to your sister?”She took me to her bed and applied cold water and some soothing cream on my back. With her nursing I fell to sleep.

In the evening I woke up with Kaka’s shouting. He was scolding Gullu “you good for nothing nasty boy, hitting your sister for a guava”. I went there. Kaka took me to his lap and said don’t talk to this scoundrel, boycott him.

Sunday went by with we three children not talking to Gullu. He was sad and lonely. On Monday morning Kaki was busy on getting us ready for the school. I went to Gullu and started talking and teasing him. He became very happy as we all returned back to the normal relationship. How long, how long, will a boycott last, and that too within a brother sister?