The assassination of Indira Gandhi had not shaken us so much as that of Mita Mohapatra !

History is the witness of world leaders being assassinated since the time of Abraham Lincon. But how could a lovely,friendly lady like Mita, be shot point blank on a road?

The Mohapatras lived in our area for 20 years.A very good family , having a magnificent mansion with a beautiful garden.Three daughters married and well settled and the only son was doing MBA in Europe.

Every Ekadashi Mita visited the nearby temple.That fateful day she was on her way for prayer.It was 9 O’clock.A helmeted bike rider came near her and shot three rounds on her chest.

The sound and people from nearby houses rushed to the spot and found the lady lying on a pool of blood.The police and ambulance arrived.

All of us were extremely shocked by the horrendous act.Who could be an enemy to a sweet homemaker?

At about 1O’clock we got the news of her death.

The loving husband Golak babu was totally broken.No one could hold the tears looking at his grief-stricken face.

The death of a life-partner gives intense pain.

The body arrived at 7pm.The huge compound was full of mourners.Asish babu blurted out, “once the miscreant is caught ,the mystery will be out.IT IS NOT WHO FIRED THE SHOT BUT WHO PAID FOR THE BULLET.”

Within two days the shooter was caught.He lived near the slum of Mita’s elder sister Gita’s house.

She had given 50 thousand to that unemployed goon.

The revelation of Gita was more mysterious than the murder.

Gita hated her younger sister since childhood.Mita excelled her in everything and was loved by family and friends.She also married a rich and nice man.He built a huge mansion for his wife.Mita’s children were more prosperous than her children.Her intolerance was at its height ,when ┬áMita’s ┬áson went for higher education to foreign.

Her jealousy had rapidly grown into hatred and threatened her psyche so much, that she decided to finish her sister.She had tried earlier to outbeat the younger one but had miserably failed.The feeling of unworthiness made her stoop so low.

The 88 year old widowed mother gave her tight slaps.”what did you do Gita!You destroyed the family honour.Oh God where did I fail to raise this mad daughter of mine!” She sat down to cry her heart out.



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