The Groom’s Dhoti

The golden period of one’s life is childhood. The innocent mistakes, the punishments are nostalgic. Here I am going to describe one, which I told to little gadget addicted grand daughter.

Long back, Geeta’s and our family, lived in the same neighborhood. Our parents were good friends,  sowere we. Reading in the same school and in same class, our bonding of love increased day-by-day.

Once Bapa went to  Bombay for a business trip. Onhis return he brought a nice doll for me. The big pink doll wore a nice skirt and blouse. It could open and close it’s eyes. On provocation it cried  KuanKuan. I took the doll and ran to my friend’s houseto share my joy with her

While playing with the doll , Geeta expressed her desire to have a boy doll like mine. “Why a boy? “,I asked. “So that we will have a doll wedding. Your daughter will marry my son. “,she replied. It was quite an excellent idea.

Geeta’smom, was a strict woman. She hated unnecessaryexpenditure. WheneverGeetaasked her for anything, she would frown and scold her. I did not like auntie for that. Once I muttered courage to ask her why she scolded my friend for small matters. She got angry, and said, “hey you, arguing with me ?are you her pleader? Look I am going to tell this to yourMom. Since that day I was thinking for a boy doll for Geeta.

Father’s next trip was to Calcutta. I requested him for the doll,  so that I would gift it to Geeta. Bapa agreed to that. The day she got the doll, she fixed the wedding date to March 28th. By that time, with exams over, we can enjoy the wedding to the full.

Theholidays started. Mom gave me a red silk piece for the doll bride. It had brocade motifs. Geeta brought a white silk piece with golden border for the groom’s dhoti. A small mandap was made on our courtyard. The menu for the wedding feast, was luscious luchies, aloo dum and kheer. The guests consisted members of both families, along with their peons drivers and cooks.

Thegrand day arrived. Geeta brought the groom in her brother, s toy car. My bride looked very beautiful in the mandap. Bapa’s peon Kailash did the wedding rituals“mangalambhagabana Vishnu. “The event  was a grand success. All praised me and Geeta.

Next morning high drama was enacted, as auntie brought Geeta and her golden border white silk Saree. Actually, Geeta had cut a strip from the Saree’s pallu to make the groom’s dhoti.



  • Elders say if you have an honest wish, God fulfills that.