The devastating famine of Bengal

The poverty the hunger troubled you so much

You penned the novel Anandmath.

A sannyasi rebellion was there.

Untrained but disciplined fighters they were

Defeated the experienced Company soldiers.

The book originated the song Vandeymataram.

It fuelled the national awakening.

The image of nation mother was created

Nation mother became the Supreme Goddess.

The nation became mother to all

irrespective of caste and religion.

The book laid the foundation of freedom fighting.

And thereby making you Banking Chandra

Immortal for all times to come.


  1. Beautiful choice of book. Beautiful poem, ma’am. There’s a typo in’Bankim Chandra’ ma’am. Please check 💚

    • Ma’am, please go to your profile page, then go to your posts. There are three tiny dots, beneath each post. If you click on the dots, you will see the edit option. You can click on the edit option and edit. Hope this helps 💚💚💚

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